In essence, Steve is helping to change the face of our Health System. With his great ability to teach, we will improve our processes, remove waste and increase profits while having fun. Thanks for helping me improve myself and our facility.

Now more than ever, hospitals are faced with the imperative to reduce costs and increase capacities while delivering better patient care.

In recognition of these challenges, 6SigmaTek will transform your healthcare system and your business. We do this by working with your team of hospital executives, subject matter experts, RN’s, LPN’s, NP, etc. Our collaborative, common sense, and hands on approach shatter the myths about what you have heard about using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to obtain timely bottom-line results, increase patient safety, and exceed patient expectations.

6SigmaTek have focused on the following types of projects with our clients:

    • Reducing ER wait times and increase patient “thruput”
    • Reducing messaging turnaround time (TAT) for physician offices
    • Reducing blood culture contamination and hospital acquired infections (HACs)
    • Reducing length of stay (LOS) for patients
    • Reducing discharge turnaround time (TAT) for patients
    • Developing a consistent measurement system to help with decision support

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Process Excellence Solutions for Healthcare

  • Lean & Six Sigma Deployment
  • Baldrige Consulting and Strategic Planning
  • Yellow Belt Training – online capabilities training available
  • Black Belt Training and Certification – online training capabilities training available
  • Green Belt Training and Certification – online training capabilities training available
  • Champion Training
  • Master Black Belt Apprenticeship
  • Customized Healthcare Training & Certification
  • Project Mentoring
  • Value Stream Analysis Facilitation
  • Rapid Improvement Workshop Facilitation
  • Kaizen events and facilitator training

How Lean Six Sigma Improves Healthcare

Studies of operational improvements in healthcare using Lean Six Sigma are becoming commonplace. By borrowing best practices from the corporate world, this proven methodology works to achieve high levels of business efficiency while still delivering compassionate care.

Lean Six Sigma develops core capabilities in healthcare that address urgent needs in patient care and safety and it creates a culture of continuous improvement that enables an organization to keep up with the changing demands of today’s healthcare landscape.

This methodology can be applied throughout a hospital to achieve improvements in infection rates, medical records and pharmaceutical errors, bed turnover, emergency room bottlenecks, supplies and equipment availability, patient satisfaction and more. Importantly, Lean Six Sigma uses a data-driven approach to fix root causes of problems and provides tools to ensure corrective actions are sustained.

ALL TRAINING IS CUSTOMIZABLE PER YOUR ORGANIZATION. For more information about our consulting and training services for healthcare, contact us.

Are Health Care Reform initiatives keeping you up at night?

With the onset of Health Care Reform which includes initiatives such as VBP and Meaningful Use and Accountable Care Organizations, hospital processes have to be repeatable, consistent, and safe. Voice of the Customer and Transparency are the new “NormaI” imperatives. Now more than ever before it is the minimum responsibility and duty to be reliable, consistent, and provide safe processes through flawless execution for patients. We at 6SigmaTek look at processes, “One patient at a time”. It doesn’t matter if you are a 10 bed hospital or a 1000 bed hospital; that one patient could be a loved one. Our passion is that the patient comes first.

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Our Results

-30 min.

Reduced CHF discharge by 30 minutes per patient

-17% LOS

Diabetes Meal Insulin Coordination – Reduced LOS for Diabetic patients by 17% (1 day)


Blood Culture Rework – Reduced rework rate by 72%


Physician Clinic Messaging – Reduced time for MD to return patient calls by 58%


Physician Clinic Workflow – Improved Press Ganey scores by 83%. Decreased total visit time by 20 minutes


Main ER Throughput – Reduced LWBS by half and also realized a $273,186 positive financial impact

-80 min.

ER Admission Process – Reduced non-value added charting time by 80 minutes and reduced LWBS by half


Reduced vaccine inventory by more than 50% to reduce waste and enhance cash flow

*These results represent a portion of more than $1.8 million in financial benefits/savings from April 2010 through February 2011 across the following facilities:
Our Lady of the Lake RMC, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Our Lady of Lourdes RMC, and St. Francis Medical Center. (Results may vary.)
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